What are the different Spanish red wine varieties?

  1. Tempranillo
  2. Garnacha
  3. Monastrell
  4. Mencia
  5. Graciano
  6. Bobal


  • Each type of Spanish red wine presents a distinct flavor profile influenced by the grape variety and environmental conditions.
  • The most common Spanish reds include Tempranillo, Garnacha, Monsatrell, Mencia, Graciano, and Bobal.

Spain's diverse wine regions offer a range of flavors and landscapes to explore. Understanding these differences, particularly the rich variety of Spanish red wines, deepens your affection for this timeless beverage and elevates your tasting and food pairing adventures.

Beyond the glass, immersing yourself in the world of Spanish red wine varieties fosters cultural appreciation and fosters meaningful connections with others who share your passion.

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Tempranillo reigns as Spain's iconic grape variety, symbolizing the essence of Spanish winemaking. Its main strongholds lie in Rioja, where it harmonizes with Garnacha, Carignan, and Graciano grapes to produce highly coveted red blends, and Ribera del Duero, renowned for its luxurious single-varietal expressions.

This variety often presents flavors of cherry, plum, and dried fruits, accompanied by herbal and spicy undertones. It offers juicy, spicy profiles with a velvety texture, highlighting the grape's adaptability and thriving presence across Spain's diverse wine regions.

A prime example of this is the Marques De Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial, celebrated for its deep, intense flavors and refined structure. Its aroma profile unfolds with alluring scents of blackberries, black cherries, vanilla, and delicate hints of smokiness. Upon tasting, it provides a luxurious and balanced sensation, highlighting polished tannins and a lingering, unforgettable finish.


Garnacha is the third most popular red grape in Spain, after Tempranillo and Bobal. It's loved for its smooth, easy-to-drink wines with low tannins, giving a velvety feel without the dryness.

However, because it ripens late, Garnacha wines tend to have higher alcohol content. This is because the longer ripening time allows more sugar to develop in the fruit, resulting in higher alcohol levels. Despite this, Garnacha wines still retain their classic red wine characteristics.

In terms of flavor, younger Garnacha wines offer vibrant notes of red fruits like strawberry and raspberry, while older vine varieties, aged for a longer period, showcase sweeter, deeper fruit flavors such as figs.


Originally from Spain, this grape variety made its mark in French winemaking under names like Mourvèdre and Mataro. Monastrell is known for its sturdy structure, deep black fruit flavors, and intricate spice notes, with the Murcia region in southern Spain being its main stronghold.

Despite some confusion, Monastrell is indeed indigenous to Spain and gained global recognition after being embraced by French vintners. When savoring a glass of Monastrell, expect aromas of ripe black fruit, fragrant herbs, and hints of spice. These aromas evolve from floral and fruity in younger wines to jammy and leathery with age, all while maintaining refined tannins.


Originally hailing from northern Spain, Mencía is an aromatic, medium-bodied red wine that has predominantly remained within its place of origin. Depending on vineyard practices and winemaking techniques, Mencía can produce a variety of wine styles.

However, it is frequently described as fresh and perfumed, with an ethereal quality that highlights its appealing fruit flavors, making it well-suited to subtle oak aging or even unoaked expressions. Often likened to Spain's answer to Pinot Noir or compared to the Cabernet Franc of the Loire Valley, Mencía stands out for its distinctive identity in the world of wine.



Rioja is the central hub for Graciano, an aromatic red grape famous for its lively color, well-balanced acidity, smooth texture, and alluring red fruit notes. Although frequently blended in Rioja and nearby Navarra, Graciano can also produce compelling single-varietal wines distinguished by their bright acidity and nuanced savory hints.

Due to its deeply pigmented skin, Graciano produces intense red wines with strong acidity and firm tannins, thus, meticulous winemaking is required to safeguard against oxidation.

Renowned for its aromatic profile of spice, mature red fruit, and menthol, this Spanish red wine offers freshness, elegance, and a lingering finish. It complements red meat, charcuterie, and cheese admirably.


Originating from Valencia in southern Spain, Bobal stands as a revered grape variety renowned for crafting structured, deeply colored, and flavorful wines, ranking as the nation's third most widely grown grape. Characterized by its thick-skinned, dark-colored berries, Bobal was historically favored in bulk wine production.

Its remarkable adaptability to variable temperatures enables it to yield medium-bodied wines boasting refreshing acidity, soft tannins, and intense dark hues. Expect a plethora of fruit notes like raspberry and cherry, complemented by subtle floral hints of violets and occasional touches of chocolate in Bobal reds.

Key Takeaway

Spanish red wines offer a variety of fruity flavors, from berries to plums, with earthy hints of herbs or spices. Whether you like bold or elegant wines, there's something for everyone. This makes Spanish reds great for wine lovers looking for enjoyable experiences. Explore Flamingo’s impressive collection of wines and spirits today. Contact us today.