What are the best wines for the summer?

  1. White wine
  2. Light red wine
  3. Sparkling wine
  4. Rosé


  • Summer wines are refreshing and light-bodied - They are ideal for the hot weather and pair well with summer foods.
  • White wine, the refreshing king of summer, pairs perfectly with salads and seafood; light-bodied reds surprise with invigorating acidity when chilled; sparkling wines add festive bubbles beyond Champagne; and Rosé, the ultimate summer companion, offers versatility from dry to sweet, ideal for poolside, barbecues, or beach picnics, pairing seamlessly with grilled seafood, salads, and charcuterie.

Selecting the best wines of summer is an art form, as they are crafted to refresh the palate, reach their peak when chilled, and harmonize effortlessly with the delectable flavors of fresh summer cuisine.

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White Wine

White Wine

White wine reigns supreme in the summer heat, offering a refreshing burst of acidity and a light-bodied charm that's like a breath of fresh air on a sweltering day. With every sip, vibrant fruit flavors and delightful floral aromas dance on the palate, whisking you away to a sunny orchard or a blooming garden.

These wines exhibit remarkable versatility when paired with an array of summer delicacies. From the delicate flavors of fresh salads and seafood to the nuanced profiles of grilled vegetables and light pasta dishes, their refined acidity and vibrant character enhance the dining experience with elegance and finesse.

Indulge in the sensory delight of Marques De Murrieta Pazo Barrantes Albariño 2019. This Spanish beauty enchants with its lively floral and tropical fruit aromas, followed by a palate bursting with rich, concentrated fruit flavors. With its crisp and invigorating finish, it's the perfect pour to beat the summer heat in style.

Light Red Wine

With their lower alcohol content and invigorating acidity, these wines offer a thirst-quenching delight that's just what you need to beat the heat.

Light-bodied reds are the unsung heroes of summer gatherings, and here's the secret to making them shine: a slight chill. Aim for around 54–56 degrees Fahrenheit by popping them in the fridge about an hour before dinner. With their refreshing coolness, these wines will steal the show at your next backyard barbecue, adding a touch of sophistication to every sip.

Embark on a sensory adventure with the Felsina Rancia Chianti Classico Riserva—a red wine that promises to delight and surprise with every sip. Perfect for those warm, sunny days, this exquisite wine boasts matured aromas of black fruits, oak, and spices, offering a tantalizing taste of the season's bounty.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine

The effervescent charm of sparkling wine adds a touch of elegance and festivity to any gathering, setting the stage for unforgettable moments and endless enjoyment. So, grab a bottle, raise a glass, and let the sparkle of summer shine bright.

Champagne is the crème de la crème of sparkling wines. This iconic bubbly is renowned for its high acidity and bright, crisp flavor profile. But that's not all—its subtle sweetness, courtesy of a high sugar content, adds an irresistible touch of decadence to every sip.

Elevate your summer celebrations with the Terroir Grand Cru Brut from the Charles De Cazanove Albert Lebrun Collection. Bursting with abundant fruit aromas and boasting complex bubbles, this high-quality bubbly is crafted from premium grapes, making it the perfect choice for summer weddings and upscale soirées.


This pink-hued wine isn't just a beverage; it's a sensory experience that captures the very essence of summer. With its light and refreshing character, rosé is like a cool oasis amid a sweltering day, offering a burst of fruity flavors and a crisp, revitalizing finish that leaves you feeling utterly refreshed.

Whether you're lounging by the pool, hosting a backyard barbecue, or enjoying a sunset picnic on the beach, a bottle of rosé is the perfect accessory for any summer adventure, adding a touch of elegance and charm to every moment.

Rosé is a true chameleon, with options ranging from bone-dry varieties boasting wild strawberry hints to sweeter blends bursting with watermelon and peach. Perfect for pairing with grilled seafood, fresh salads, or a charcuterie spread, rosé effortlessly fosters warmth and festivity at any gathering.

Key Takeaway

The best summer wines are all about enhancing your experiences: sip on rosé during lively gatherings with friends, cool down with crisp whites on scorching afternoons, enjoy light reds at family BBQs, and add a touch of bubbly to special moments. Cheers to endless sunshine, good company, and unforgettable memories.

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