What are some of the best red wines for Christmas dinner?

  1. Montes Purple Angel Carmenere Petit Berdot
  2. Los Vascos Carmenere Grand Reserve
  3. Marques De Murrieta Gran Reserva 2015
  4. Château Marojallia 2015
  5. Montes Alpha M


  • Filipino families traditionally add sophistication to their holiday tables with red wines.
  • From the Chilean sophistication of Montes Purple Angel Carmenere Petit Berdot to the Spanish richness of Marques De Murrieta Gran Reserva 2015, these wines offer complex flavors and exceptional craftsmanship.
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Through generations, Filipino families have elevated their tables with sophistication, intertwining holiday traditions with the opulence of red wines. Derived from diverse grape varieties, these wines offer a spectrum of profiles, from bold celebration to comforting smoothness.

Each bottle reflects an artistry that bridges tradition with modernity, contributing to the evolving narrative of festive gatherings.

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Montes Purple Angel Carmenere Petit Berdot

Montes Purple Angel Carmenere Petit Berdot

Hailing from the scenic vineyards of Chile, Montes Purple Angel Carmenere Petit Berdot is an exquisite red wine that exudes sophistication and charm. Originating from the Carmenere grape variety, often dubbed the "lost grape of Bordeaux," this wine showcases the artistry of Chilean winemaking.

Pair this wine with festive Filipino dishes for a delightful experience. Its dark fruit notes complement the flavors of adobo, while the subtle smokiness enhances the complexity of grilled or roasted meats. Whether enjoyed with lechon or kare-kare, this wine elevates the festive atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for enhancing your Christmas dinner with Filipino flair.

Los Vascos Carmenere Grand Reserve

Los Vascos Carmenere Grand Reserve distinguishes itself through a combination of factors contributing to its exceptional character. With a deep red hue, it captivates the senses with rich aromas of black fruits and spices. What sets it apart is the meticulously orchestrated winemaking techniques, resulting in a full-bodied palate that boasts a perfect balance and the smooth embrace of velvety tannins.

This grand reserve wine is also a perfect companion to culinary indulgence, making it an excellent choice for Christmas celebrations. Its robust and well-balanced nature harmonizes splendidly with a variety of Filipino dishes. Picture this wine enhancing the rich and savory taste of beef caldereta, or even the comforting warmth of traditional bibingka.

Marques De Murrieta Gran Reserva 2015

Spain's Marques De Murrieta Gran Reserva 2015 stands as a pinnacle for Spanish wine enthusiasts, providing a unique and memorable experience. Its deep red hue and intricate aroma, laden with ripe blackberry, cherry, and delicate vanilla notes, pave the way for a full-bodied taste characterized by intense fruit flavors and robust tannins. This echoes Marques de Murrieta's unwavering commitment to quality winemaking.

Savor this exceptional red wine alongside Lengua Estofado, a classic Spanish dish featuring succulent slow-cooked beef tongue. The combination promises a delightful dining experience, where the nuanced flavors of the wine beautifully complement the richness of this traditional culinary masterpiece. Embrace the synergy of Spanish heritage in each sip and bite, creating a truly elevated and memorable moment.

Château Marojallia 2015

Château Marojallia 2015

Château Marojallia 2015, an exceptional red wine from Bordeaux, France, epitomizes winemaking prowess. As a rising star in the Médoc, it combines rich history with unique traditions.

Meticulously selected grapes and modern techniques showcase the winery's commitment to quality. The wine boasts complex notes of black fruits, tobacco, and spices, creating a captivating fragrance. Its rich body and silky texture reveal harmonious flavors of blackberries, black cherries, and nuanced oak. Perfectly paired with grilled steaks or cheeses like Queso De Bola, this French gem is a true delight.

Montes Alpha M

Montes Alpha M derives its distinction from the meticulous sourcing of premium grapes in the renowned Colchagua Valley. This Chilean wine ages exceptionally well, evolving and maturing within the bottle. It also adheres to the classic Burgundian tradition, predominantly featuring Cabernet Sauvignon complemented by Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc.

With its deep, glossy red hue and a fragrant blend of black fruits—blackberry, blackcurrant, and black cherry— it intertwined with oak and hints of vanilla. The full-bodied palate, featuring soft, velvety tannins, a firm structure, and an elegant finish of spices and chocolate, complements a Filipino classic—Leche Flan. The silky, caramel-infused custard of Leche Flan completes the wine's richness, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the perfect red wine for Christmas dinner adds a touch of sophistication and flavor to the festivities. Explore these exquisite options to make your holiday celebration truly special.

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